Positive and Helpful Reviews for Dr Shivani Sachdev

IVF has turned out to be the biggest boon for the couples and the medical field too. Earlier infertility was difficult to cure as there was no solution but now times have changed a lot. Today you can easily find ways to combat infertility and IVF is one of them. There are a lot of couples who have tried this treatment and found it really beneficial. They have been successful and are enjoying parenthood. If you too are one of the couples who aren’t able to conceive due to some reason, it’s high time you go for IVF.

Though a lot of doctors and professionals are of the view that a healthy embryo and womb is what contributes towards a successful pregnancy but some therapists hold the view that certain foods are quite helpful in this concern. According to them if you focus on a good and rich diet, you can definitely ensure easy pregnancy and chances of implantation increase. So here is a little more information about what you can do to get pregnant through IVF. 

Eat a balanced and rich diet – The kind of diet you take can have a lot of impact. That is why it is necessary that your diet is not just complete but healthy and rich. For this you can include a lot of green vegetables along with the fruits. Whole grains too are good for the growth of the embryo and therefore make an effort to eat a good diet. Proteins too should be included in whatever eats. The healthier your diet is, better will be the growth of the embryo and higher is the chances of success.

Nuts – Most people feel that nuts are not good during the pregnancy but this is completely wrong. Nuts like walnuts are not just healthy but rich in omega 3 as well. This is the reason that you should consume the same on a daily basis. Walnuts are helpful in boosting the sex hormones and ensuring that your menstrual cycle is proper. Thus the chances of conceiving increase a lot thereby helping you to get pregnant. 

Fruits like pineapple – In case of fruits too there is a lot of debate but pineapple is the fruit which can make a big difference as it possesses anti-inflammatory properties and is quite helpful for the cervix muscle too. So this fruit can boost the stickiness of your uterus thereby increasing the chances of implantation which is your biggest concern.

Apart from following a good diet, you also need to consult a specialist. Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour is a reputed name for the infertility specialist. The reviews for dr shivani sachdev are quite positive and motivating which easily boosts the confidence of the couples. If you too wish to try IVF then do check out the reviews for surrogacy clinic as well and you will find that it is the best you can get in Delhi. So do get in touch with the team and get all the assistance regarding the process to make it a successful one.

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